Pregnancy is a life-changing event in a woman’s life with lovely highs and crashing lows emotionally. Hence, finding a safe space in your home to relax and destress can guide you through all the changes happening in your life while pregnant. Here are some tips and tricks on how to create an outdoor zen space to relax during pregnancy.

Get a Comfortable Deck Chair

Browse the inventory of comfortable deck chairs to find the one you like best. When you have the one you like, place a no-slip chair cushion on it that supports your back and bottom. As gravity takes its course on your growing belly, you will want to sit and rest your joints in your outdoor zen space.

Invest in a footrest to put in front of the deck chair. Being pregnant means more chances for swollen feet from carrying the extra weight of your growing baby. Kick up your feet and relax after doing your morning chores and enjoy a delicious, healthy snack.

Plants and More Plants

Decorate your outdoor zen space with your favorite plants. Studies have shown that enjoying the view of plants can enhance your mood as you destress. Plants naturally absorb toxic gas that may be in your environment such as formaldehyde so that you are breathing cleaner air as you breathe peacefully in your outdoor zen space.

Green plants in particular can help you to refresh and feel secure after a long, stressful day at work or after handling a large nesting project at home. Color theory shows that green is a hue denoting peace and tranquility in one’s mind, which is why greenery is great to incorporate into your zen space. Of course, you can incorporate your favorite seasonal flowers for a pop of color throughout your haven at your discretion.

Turn on Some Soundscapes

Whether you have an Amazon Alexa, music on your smartphone, or you go old school with a boombox and a soundscape CD, put on your favorite soundscape soundtrack to relax. Sounds such as rainforest, ocean waves, birds tweeting, and snow or rainfall can put you in a deep state of relaxation as a temporary escape from your current problems.

When you close your eyes and take in the sounds of your chosen soundscape, you will feel like you have escaped to a haven because of what you are hearing. It’s like taking a trip without having to leave your backyard thanks to your healthy imagination.

Place a Waterfall Element

Whether you purchase a mini waterfall from Amazon or have a larger one installed in your backyard, a waterfall element will calm your brain by listening to its therapeutic, gentle waves. Combining the sound of your physical waterfall with Tibetan soundscapes can enhance the relaxation effects on your brain.

Enhance your waterfall with stones at the bottom and greenery surrounding its sides to turn it into a traditional-looking zen garden. The choice is yours!

Final Thoughts

These are only suggestions to help you get started in creating your outdoor zen space to enjoy during your pregnancy. Make it your own with elements that you love when you relax.