As the ‘going green’ movement has grown, solar energy has increased in popularity in recent years. What many people have failed to realize until recently is that you still have to maintain your solar panels.

If you fail to keep your solar panels in good working order, you could increase your electric bill. This is instead of reducing it.

From letting debris build up on your panels to failing to keep them clean, here are several home solar maintenance errors to avoid.

1. Poorly Maintained and Improper Installations

Poorly maintained and improperly installed home solar systems can be a major problem that homeowners need to be aware of when considering solar. Faulty installations can lead to decreased efficiency and higher energy bills.

If a solar array is installed incorrectly, its inverter can overheat and fail. This will lead to shorter inverter life and thousands of dollars in losses. Poor maintenance can negatively affect the solar array. This can include missed cleaning cycles, blocked air vents, and improper panel configurations.

These problems can cause power drops, higher solar maintenance costs, and even fire hazards if left unchecked. Proper maintenance and installation of a home solar array are key in ensuring it continues working properly. It will also produce the optimal power output.

2. Tilts That Are Too Shallow

One of the home solar maintenance errors that can be made with solar panels is having all the panels tilted too shallowly. Ideally, the solar panels should be tilted at the angle of the latitude plus 15-20 degrees.

Having the solar panels tilted too shallowly can lead to a decrease in system performance. It will also result in decreased energy harvesting. This is because the sunlight passing through is more diffused and will be scattered and reflected away from the solar panels.

To ensure your solar system receives maximum energy production, ensure the panels’ tilt is at the right angles. This angle should also be adjusted seasonally since the sun is higher in the sky during different times throughout the year.

3. Wire Connections That Are Not Up to Code

Wire connections not up to code are common home solar maintenance errors that should be avoided. They happen when the wrong wire is used to complete the electrical connections. It can also happen when the connections are made in a way that does not meet the required regulations and standards.

In terms of home solar maintenance, this can lead to decreased power output from the system. It can also lead to an increased fire risk and even electrocution.

To avoid this, homeowners should always research the proper connection standards for their area. They must ensure they use the right materials and techniques when connecting any components. They should always have an expert inspect their wiring and connections to ensure they are up to code and working properly.

4. Degraded Connections and Loose Wires

Maintaining a residential solar system can be quite complex. It requires routine inspections and maintenance to function at its peak efficiency. Degraded connections and loose wires can lead to problems with the solar system’s power output.

To prevent this error, homeowners should inspect the equipment frequently and inspect the wiring for any signs of damage. If the wiring is exposed or the insulation is damaged, replace it immediately.

If any connection nuts are loose, use a nut driver or wrench to tighten them up. Don’t make any adjustments to the wiring on your own; consult a qualified electrician if you feel that something needs to be modified or adjusted.

5. Circuit Buildup

Due to a lack of consistent home solar maintenance, unforeseen circuit buildup can occur. This will also start to fail without the homeowner’s knowledge. 

Unless using a battery-based system, when the sun isn’t shining, circuits can still collect power output from the solar arrays, no matter how small the amount. When left unattended and unmonitored, this stored energy can slowly build up until the components become overloaded, leading to damaged cells, burnt wires, or even fire hazards.

To maintain these systems and mitigate any potential problems, it’s important to have regular inspections of the solar cells and reset all connectors before powering up the solar arrays.

6. Grounding Systems Not Properly Maintained

Errors in home solar maintenance can have a damaging effect on the photovoltaic system. One of the most costly mistakes is neglecting to properly ground the system.

Grounding is essential for providing protection to the components of a photovoltaic system. If devices such as inverters, transformers, or charge controllers fail and are not grounded, the situation can worsen, potentially resulting in a fire. 

Properly grounding the system prevents the electric current from contaminating the ground, limiting the electrical shock hazard and, in the case of AC systems, reduces the chance of interference with other devices or appliances in the vicinity.

7. Improper Battery Maintenance

When it comes to proper home solar maintenance, one of the most important components is the battery. Improper battery maintenance can lead to system inefficiency or, in worst-case scenarios, the loss of power and failure of the entire system.

Common errors when caring for a home solar system’s battery include over or undercharging the battery, overloading the battery’s capacity, or placing inadequate insulation between the battery and the environment.

Furthermore, it’s important to check the connections between the battery and the rest of the system, as loose or corroded connections can damage the battery.

8. Buying Low-Quality Equipment

When it comes to home solar maintenance errors, one of the most important things to consider is the quality of the purchased equipment. If low-quality equipment is used in a solar system, the system is much more likely to have problems in the future.

Problems that can occur from using low-quality equipment can include malfunctioning of the system, low electricity production, and leakage. In addition, using substandard materials can lead to shorter lifespans of the equipment and frequent repair or replacement of the equipment.

Quality materials in a solar system are important for reliable power and future long-term maintenance. Get more info here about solar panel installation. Also, learn how to maintain them with the help of professionals properly.

Avoid These Home Solar Maintenance Errors

Solar energy is a great way to save money, but it’s important to maintain and check your home solar system regularly. Without proper maintenance, you can risk costly and dangerous errors.

Stay on top of regular updates. Avoid these home solar maintenance errors, and consult with a professional if needed. Keeping an eye on your system is an important step to maximizing the benefits of solar power.

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What are two problems with solar energy?

The main problem is, it can stop working in cloudy weather & the other problem is, it needs big space to install.

How Many Times in a Year Solar System Should Be Maintained?

2 to 4 times in a year.

Is solar low maintenance?

Yes, the installation cost is high, but the maintenance cost is not so high.