The game of darts is one of the oldest games in the world. It is a popular sport to play at bars and pubs.

Darts is a game that can be played by two players or by teams. The objective is to hit a dart in the center of a dartboard, which has concentric circles with numbers from 1 through 20.

The player who hits the dart closest to the center wins the game. The rules vary slightly depending on what region you are playing in, but generally speaking, it’s about accuracy and speed rather than strategy or tactics.

Playing darts can be very simple or complex depending on how well you know your way around it!

In this article, we discuss the 5 things to consider before choosing a dart.

Steel Tip or Soft Tip

The steel tip dart is a common type of dart that is made with a metal point on the end of the dart. This point is used to pierce the target board, and is primarily used as a game-playing tool.

Soft tip darts are typically made with a plastic or rubber point that doesn’t penetrate into the target board. They are primarily used for practice and games like darts where you don’t need to pierce the target board.

Steel Tip Dart is better because:

– More durable than Soft Tip Dart:

– More accurate than Soft Tip Dart:

– Easier to grip than Soft Tip Dart:

– More difficult to throw accurately than Soft Tip Dart


Buying a dart is an expensive hobby, and it’s not always easy to find the budget for it.

When it comes to buying a dart, the budget needed depends on the type of dart that you are buying. For example, a new dart set could cost around $40 to $200.

However, there are ways to save money. For example, you can get a set of darts for about $38 on There are also many stores that sell them at a similar price.


The material used to make a dart is usually steel.

Steel is the most common material used to make darts. However, there are other materials that are also used such as aluminum, brass and tungsten.

The type of material that is used to make a dart depends on the intended use of the dart. For example, darts made for hunting use aluminum while darts made for sport use steel.


There are many factors that contribute to the weight of a dart, such as the length and diameter. The weight of a dart can also be impacted by its material, which can include steel, aluminum, glass, or even wood.

The weight of a dart depends on what it is made out of. The best darts have a combination of materials that make them durable and light at the same time.

Darts have been around for centuries, but recently there has been a resurgence in interest in the game. The most common dart weights are between 16 to 26 grams; however, modern rules allow darts to weigh up to 50 grams.


A shaft is the part of a dart that extends from the center of the dart to where the tip is. Different types and variations of dart shafts are available in the market, which will cater to your needs. You can change the shafts to suit your own preferred playing strategy, letting you adapt your playing on the fly.