Do you feel bored in your leisure time? Tiktok has a major platform spread worldwide. You will be shocked after knowing that in 2020 it was the best social media platform. Within a short period of time after launching TickTok achieved this mark. Tik Tok keeps us all busy. By the same token, it radiates positive vibes. Above all, it inspires us. Nevertheless, they are lots of enchanting videos. But here is the list of the most liked video on TikTok. Check out the top 6 most interesting videos among them.

At the time of release, Zach King holds the honor of the most liked video on TikTok. It is liked on all time, with a view of 2.2 BILLION. Nevertheless, there is another interesting fact.

Except for the most liked video he also holds another 3 spots in the list. By the same token, he occupies another 4 positions in the top 5. Some of the other famous persons are Addison Rae, James Charles & Bella Poarch, and their videos are also featured in this list.

1.Zach King’s Harry Potter Illusion with 2.2 Billion Views

Zach King is a recognized magician of all time. He lands his video once again. Nevertheless, Zach King holds the title of the most-watched video in TikTok history. Accordingly, it has a view of 2.2 BILLION. Check out the video by typing “Zach King’s Harry Potter illusion”.

What Is The Most Liked Video On Tiktok

2. James Charles’ Christmas Wonderland Transition with 1.7 Billion Views

Do you know why it is the most-watched video? Nevertheless, it is because of James Charles. Above all, he makes his makeup transformations in his videos. Except the makeup videos, he makes dance videos. Additionally, he sings collabs. Nevertheless, this makes him popular on this app. Above all, his most-watched video was in 2019 at his sister’s Christmas party.

What Is The Most Liked Video On Tiktok

3.Zach King’s Hide And Seek Illusion with 1.1 Billion Views

Here is another enchanting video by Zach King’s. Nevertheless, it is confusing. Additionally, it is enchanting. Moreover while watching it the audience will wonder!! They will wonder about how can he do this!

What Is The Most Liked Video On Tiktok

4. Zach King’s Cake Glass Illusion with 965.8 Million Views

Zach King’s is back again! Nevertheless, this time he arrives with an illusion. By the same token, it will let you into questioning EVERYTHING. Firstly, you will wonder how did he pour water into the glass if it was a cake. Secondly, was the cut there beforehand! Thirdly, Is it an edited piece of video? Accordingly, this video has a view of 13.2m. Nevertheless, to say the truth he deserves more.

What Is The Most Liked Video On Tiktok

5. Zach King’s Wet Paint Illusion with 659.2 million views

Well that Zach King once again. Above all, he is doing his best. Nevertheless, Zack uploaded this video in 2019. But it is still viewed by a large audience.

What Is The Most Liked Video On Tiktok

6. Bella Poarch’s ‘M To The B’ video with 610.8 million views

Did you know this video has the most liked video on TikTok with 47 million likes? Nevertheless, Bella’s ‘M To The B’ video is the 6th most viewed video in TikTok. Within a short period of time, this video achieves this mark. It is posted in August 2020. Nevertheless, the video has only a feature. That is someone nodding her head. It has a viral Mille B track.

What Is The Most Liked Video On Tiktok